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  • NS8 Random
    RM 1888.88
  • 现金分数
    RM 3.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 5.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 6.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 8.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 88.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 68.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 38.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 18.00
  • 现金分数
    RM 1.00
  • NS8 Minor
    RM 188.88
  • NS8 Major
    RM 888.88

You have 0 spin (s) available

Total Top Up Point:
RM 0.00
Total Top Up Point Needed
To Get 1 Spin
RM 0.00
Total Top Up:
RM 0.00
Total Top Up Needed
To Get 1 Spin
RM 0.00

Terms & Conditions

Events: Lucky Wheel Spin

All member can participate in this event

Conditions: Members are required to gain 150 points in order to spin per time . However, member must have a minimum deposit of 50 or more within 30 days to participate in this event.

How to claim promotion: All bonus reward won will be credited to member immediately. However for "Special Prize" reward type, it required member to contact customer service to claim the prize.

Special rules and requirements:

  • Members without deposit or found have risk record will not be able to participate in this promotion.
  • To participate in this promotion, the member must accept "Terms and Conditions of the Website".
  • ABN8 reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the promotion, without prior notice, If the member is found to have fraudulent or threatening purposes on the Company's website.
  • Bonus from Lucky Wheel Spin is not eligible to participate in Live Casino.